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412 Olive Ave #228
Hungtington Beach, CA 92648

Cell: 714.794.7359
Fax: 714.898.8449
Email: Hamdo@wellnessforyourlife.com

I believe...

• That the human body has an incredible built-in ability to heal
• That all we need to heal any disease, including cancer, is to give our body exactly what it needs, and then stand back and let it work its magic
• That the only reason we develop these kinds of illnesses is because we're bombarding our body with stuff it simply doesn't know how to handle - processed foods, synthetic chemicals, stressful lifestyles and more
• That although the medical professionals think they're looking after our best interests, our health care system doesn't allow them to find and use all of the solutions that actually work
• That educating yourself is the most powerful step you can take to begin to heal
• That your future is in your hands and that you are capable of doing whatever it takes.

I’m thrilled to provide you with this service, I feel privileged to provide this service and will cherish the time I spend with you, fully assessing your individual condition, wants and needs, and making sure you are 100% comfortable and satisfied with the process before we begin, throughout your session, and even in between sessions. I’ve intentionally designed your experience to be a very special and personalized one – one that oozes with warmth and loving kindness, with a touch of care