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For the last year I have been getting colonics from Mrs. Doris Hamilton of Wellness For Your Life, my main reason I was diagnosed with diverticulitis and I was having pain in my right side, after 60 days of treatments that problem went away as well as helping to control my weight , but there was another benefit I was not aware of that later was pointed out by the therapist Doris, I have a history of asthma since childhood I was noticing that my need for daily Asthma control meds fell off by over 50%, my energy levels my breathing were increased, what I found out from here and I also studied it myself, that by keeping my Colon healthy I was better able to control my Asthma, this means less dependence on prescribed meds and less spent on the prescribed ASTHMA MEDS. THE SAVINGS ALONE WAS IN THE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone that’s looking to take their personal health as a top priority. Thank you Doris for helping me regain control of my health and adding years to my life.

Daryll Ford

I have been getting colonics for over a year now with Mrs. Doris through a casual conversation while out for a walk I was complaining about constipation and our health as women she explained the colonic that I was not aware of. I was given information to read and the freedom to choose if I wanted her to give me a treatment. I did a colonic treatment, my constipation extra gas and bloating is a thing of the past. I feel great it literately changed my life being in my own private space made my experience even better. Thanks Mrs. Doris

Eileen F. Huntington Beach.